Get access to our dinner events, activities and trips by signing up for a Single Gourmet membership.


Browse our calendar of events and choose which ones you would like to attend. RSVP online, via email or call 646-825-0268.


Enjoy great food and have fun at our events while meeting new people and making new friends.

Our Dinner Events

Our dinners usually start with a 45-60 minute cash bar where you check in with your host who will introduce you to other members so you can take advantage of socializing at the bar with someone new.

After the cocktail hour, dinner is served at tables prearranged to accommodate 6-12 members. Often we arrange the tables based on an age so that you will be dining with your peers. The night usually lasts 3 hours, maximizing dining enjoyment and conversation opportunities.

Dinners are three or four courses with appealing choices from each restaurant’s menu. The cost of each meal is listed in our newsletter and calendar. The price includes tax & tip, and often one glass of wine. All meals are prepaid, so there is no reason to pull out  your wallet. Should you decide to have an extra drink, the waitress will hand you a separate check. You are never responsible for anyone else’s meals or drinks.



Event Schedule

Five or six planned dinners or events are offered every month. As a member you will receive our newsletters via email or paper mail, and you can always browse upcoming events on the calendar on our website. Members may attend as many or as few events as they wish.

Different Ways to RSVP

Members may confirm events directly through the website, by email, by phone, or by mailing us a check. Since restaurants have a limited seating capacity we can only accept a prescribed number of reservations for each dinner. It is always “first come first served” so we suggest that you make your reservations as soon as possible.


Invite A Friend to join The Single Gourmet

Invite a friend to join The Single Gourmet with you and get a $15 dinner credit for every friend that signs up.

In order to receive the credit, you must email us at, or call us at 646-825-0268, and let us know who your friend is before they sign up.

If you join together, you will each get $15 off a future dinner!


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