The final lap of 2015 is here. It’s time to secure your New Year’s Eve plans with The Single Gourmet, so join us for our trip to Spain. A great group is going, many of whom traveled with us to Italy last year. Who would NOT want to spend New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? Seriously….and if you knew those who are joining the trip, you would definitely come along! That being said, we are working on a plan for New Year’s Eve here in NYC, if anyone would like to help me run that party / dinner (and attend for free) reach out to me, your help will be needed.

As we all know, Lincoln declared the 4th Thursday of November a national holiday and though probably not in his plans, we really love November more so for the big sales day after our turkey J. Besides this, November doesn’t offer too much more than Christmas decorating, a rapid change in the temperature and those important nights when TSG gets together. Before we get into those details, let’s discuss what is still on the October agenda. On Wednesday, Oct. 14th we have a 3-course cooking class at CRAVE-IT. We learn everything there is to know from a top chef about preparing a meal, pairing it with wines, cooking and of course, we get to eat what we prepare! Space is limited, RSVP NOW! This coming Sunday, Oct. 18th, we dine at a long standing French Bistro right in the heart of the Upper West Side. LA BOITE EN BOIS. They have been serving up French Cuisine for 30 years and is a favorite amongst many of the locals in the area. We are meeting a few blocks away at Atlantic Grill for drinks, then walking over (see below). The next week, Sunday, Oct. 25th, we head downtown near the Flatiron Building to GEORGIO’S OF GRAMERCY for this 14 year old, highly-rated restaurant. Finally, join us on Halloween as we celebrate with a candy filled evening at CAFÉ CENTRO. PLEASE NOTE: THIS DINNER IS AT 6:00pm (drinks) due to Halloween and we will start dinner at 6:45pm sharp! Our meal includes candy, butternut squash, sea bass, short ribs, pumpkin pie and more. Costumes are optional, but recommended.


Our November starts off on the 8th, at a top rated Italian restaurant on the Upper West side called MACHIAVELLI. My wife and I dined here with my mom and immediately we knew this was a place for TSG. With beautiful décor, incredible food and a piano player, this restaurant lives up to its billing by Zagat as one of the top in the neighborhood. The following Saturday afternoon, November 14th, we head to Brooklyn for The NY Wine Event semi-annual BROOKLYN CRUSH WINE AND ARTISNAL FOOD FESTIVAL. Sip from over 200 wines and enjoy tastings from dozens of artisanal food companies while listening to live jazz music. We will meet at Union Square and take the train together. This is the same event company as the North Fork wine event, but much bigger. The next week is a world-wide wine tradition and celebration, as it is Beaujolais Nouveau day! On Thursday November 19th, join us that day for unlimited Vin with a French dinner, at TOUT VA BIEN. We have been dining with the family that owns this restaurant since the 80’s and they are as welcoming now as they have always been. The following Saturday, November 21st, we head to Midtown East to dine at MONTEBELLO RISTORANTE, a recommendation from a long standing member, this Northern Italian promises to be a delicious, upscale meal which will certainly be on our stomping ground for years to come! The following week we meet on Thanksgiving Day and as always we keep with the tradition of the holiday. Join us at SAN MARTIN for their Mediterranean accented turkey feast. This often becomes an all you can eat and drink fiesta for our group as our host Ramone San Martin will make sure the turkey, the trimmings and the dessert will be there until we are as stuffed as the Turkey itself. Bring a guest, bring a friend, bring your mom and enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family at The Single Gourmet! Finally on Sunday the 29th we head to YERBA BUENA PERRY. This popular Latin fusion will remind us all of our favorite Richard Sandoval restaurants. The reason for this: celebrity owner/chef of Yerba Buena (Julian Medina) was once Corporate Executive Chef for ALL of Richard Sandoval’s Mexican locations. This dinner was rescheduled to this month due to the hurricane that actually never came….

                 The following October events are still available for Single Gourmet Members and their guests:

  1. Crave It- Cooking Class 545 6th Avenue (between 14th & 15th street), Wednesday, October 14th, 6pm- 8pm $70 3-course cooking class, wine tasting. RSVP NOW!
  2. La Boite En Boise-75 West 68th or Meet @ Atlantic Grill for drinks at 5:45 or meet at the restaurant at 6:45pm. Atlantic Grill- 49 West 64th (@Broadway) Sunday, October 18th  $77 wine, $68 no wine.
  3. Georgio’s of Gramercy– 27 East 21st (Broadway) Sunday, October 25th 5:15 pm optional drinks, 6:15-8pm dinner. $79 3-course meal, glass wine, coffee, tax & tip.
  4. CAFÉ CENTRO– Halloween– THE TIME HAS CHANGED TO 6pm drinks. 200 Park Avenue @45th Street (Metlife) $83 3-course meal, glass wine, coffee, tax & tip. 6pm drinks 6:45 dinner.


              The following November events are available for Single Gourmet Members and their guests:


     Sunday, November 8th

     519 Columbus Avenue @85th Street

       5:00pm optional drinks, 6:00pm dinner

      Live piano player @ 7pm.

      $77   3-course w/glass of wine, coffee, tax, tip


Voted by Zagat as one of the best Upper West Side restaurants, Machiavelli’s Northern Italian menu features handmade pastas and Northern Italian specialties. Zagat rated 23 and 24 for decor- “Dine like a prince at this elegant, UWS Italian, where plush upholstered chairs, candelabras and gorgeous Renaissance-inspired murals– not to mention live classical music– set the romantic tone; with pricey, carefully prepared Northern Italian fare.” Besides the beautiful Italian murals and red-and-gold upholstered chairs that decorate this Renaissance-inspired trattoria, which is named for the 15th-century Florentine philosopher and historian, our menu of handmade in-house pasta also includes: Appetizers- bruschetta, fried calamari, shrimp, bay scallops, carrots, zucchini, onions, classic eggplant parmigiana, classic ceasar salad, baby field greens and antipasto misto, Entrees- risotto vecchia milano saffron & sweet sausage, strozzapreti pomodoro e basilica fresh red & yellow tomato, basil gnocchi di patate al pesto, farfalle nere al salmone, pollo al marsala, salmone al forno.


       Brooklyn Wine & Artisanal Food Festival

       Saturday, November 14th   3pm-6pm session

     34 35th Street Brooklyn (Industry City Bldg 4)

      Meet in Union Square at 14th and Broadway (Citibank)            

       2pm. The N,R train takes us 1 block away (36th). You

     can also take the D train to 36th, 1 block away.

       200 wines to sample and plenty of artisanal food

       Live jazz music– Event starts 3pm- Bring a metro card

       $77 includes all food and 200 wine samples and wine glass.

      This event will sell out!!!


The group that took us to North Fork is back……Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival! Just like the party in Long Island this will be full of people, food and of course vino, LOTS OF VINO! And live music. We sold out fast last time (over 30 members), and expect the same this time. New York Wine Events is transforming Industry City into an East Coast Napa Valley. Attendees will get the chance to sample a curated selection of over 200 wines, complemented by artisanal fare and hors d’oeuvres sourced straight from Brooklyn, and beyond. Experience the event Thrillist said was one of the things “You Absolutely Have to Do in NYC.” Don’t worry about getting there, we will meet at Union Square and go together on the N or R train, which will take us right to the location (or meet us there yourself). Join almost 700 people that will be at this event all afternoon. This takes place in a huge warehouse. You will leave full and possibly a bit ‘happier’. Meet us at Citibank @ 14th and Broadway and we take the 30 min train ride together.


         Tout Va Bien- “Beaujolais Nouveau Day”

           311 West 51st (8th and 9th avenue)

           Thursday, November 19st

           5:45pm optional drinks, 6:30 dinner

           $71 3-course meal, unlimited wine, coffee/tea, tax & tip.

This 1948 family run restaurant is one of the best French restaurants in the theater district and has been a regular for our group for many years. As in years past, they are willing to help us celebrate another November tradition, one that falls on the third Thursday of the month- Beaujolais Nouveau Day. When it first started in the Beaujolais region of France in 1937 it was actually on the 15th of December, but now at 12:01am on the third Thursday of each November, from little villages and towns across this region, millions of cases of Beaujolais Nouveau begin their journey to Paris for immediate shipment to all parts of the world: “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!” By the time it is over, 65 million bottles, nearly half of the region’s total annual production, will be distributed around the world. The Gamay grapes (the only grapes permitted to be used in production), by law must be picked by hand (only Champagne shares this requirement too), and must come from the Beaujolais AOC. Beaujolais Nouveau is intended for immediate drinking, as it doesn’t improve with age and is best served slightly chilled. This fresh and fruity red is the result of a quick fermentation process that ends up with a tasty, clean wine that is enjoyed by palates all over the world.  The most well-known producer is Georges Duboeuf, who is credited as one of the marketing geniuses behind the wine. Selling this young red was viewed by some vintners as a means to clear large quantities of wine at decent profits, which would create a much-needed cash flow shortly after harvest. As we know, it has become a worldwide race to be the first to try this new wine after the harvest and we will be drinking it all night at our dinner- the FIRST day it arrives! Our menu includes moules mariniere, pate maison, boeuf bourguignon, saumon provencale, coq au vin, hanger steak, creme caramel, mousse au chocolat, or tarte tatin.


Montebello Ristorante

           120 East 56th (Park and Lexington)

           Saturday November 21st

           6:45pm optional drinks, 7:45 dinner

           $84 3-course Italian meal, gl wine, coffee/tea, t&t.

According to Zagat, one of the “best-kept secrets in Midtown is this oasis of peace and quiet where personalized service and fantastic Northern Italian fare keep its longtime dedicated clientele returning;” ‘Where Magazine’ states that “Montebello is the most romantic of romantic rendezvous.” Celebrities such as Tony Bennett, Neil Simon, Kate Moss, Ron Howard, the Baldwin brothers and Michael Richards enjoy the beautiful soothing atmosphere of this elegant, unpretentious space. Owner Joe Bozic provides a dining experience virtually unrivalled in the city. Montebello has received a 5-star rating from the American Academy of Hospitality an Elite Dining Award in recognition of excellence in dining. The service is warm and attentive; the decor is artistic and inviting; and the award-wining food is sublime. Joe Bozic states: “Montebello is here to share our passion for dining-well in New York. We believe that companionship at the table and respect for the art of dining brings out our best qualities as people. Classic cooking from the area near Trieste, Italy, is the inspiration for the quintessential northern Italian developed by generations of the Bozic family.  Emphasis is placed on simple, fresh ingredients and Italian cooking methods. Fresh pastas are made in-house daily, and dried pastas are imported from Italy. All meals are complemented by a selection of hand-made breads baked according to traditional methods.” Our menu is a traditional Italian style dinner including chicken montebello- Parmesan encrusted breast of chicken in a white wine lemon sauce, salmon grilled with a dijon mustard sauce, veal scaloppine with mixed mushroom sauce and sherry wine handmade penne with fresh chopped tomato, garlic, olive oil and portable mushrooms, Italian cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake.





         San Martin- Thanksgiving

           143 East 48th Street (Lexington and 3rd)

        Thursday, November 26th

               5pm drinks, 5:30 dinner.

           $76 Turkey dinner, unlimited wine, tax and tip.


Thanksgiving is a day of tradition, so why should dinners with the Single Gourmet be any different? Art has been taking the group here for many years and I continued the tradition last year and the meal was fantastic. With multiple helpings of turkey, unlimited wine and lots of sides, enjoy the day of thanks with our group and new and old friends. There is no guest surcharge tonight so bring your family members. The menu includes crepes stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese, topped with sun dried tomato, salmon cakes with jalapeno pepper sauce, corn and red pepper chowder, roast turkey with stuffing, yams puree with maple syrup and vegies, cranberry sauce and gravy, pumpkin pie, chocolate fudge cake, apple tart and NY cheese cake.



   Yerba Buena- Richard Sandoval Protégé

     1 Perry Street right off 7th Ave.

     1 block from 1,2,3 train @ 14th (or Christopher)

     5 min from ACE @14th 6 min walk from ABCDEFM.

  Sunday, November 29thth

     5:30 pm optional drinks, 6:30 pm dinner

     $76 3-courses, glass of wine, tax and tip

     $68 no wine


Resheduled due to the hurricane threat. Julian Medina, chef-owner of Toloache, Yerba Buena, Yerba Buena Perry, Toloache Taqueria and Coppelia, worked at Hacienda de Los Morales and Les Celebrites, in Mexico City’s Hotel Nikko in the 90’s, where Chef Richard Sandoval discovered him. So impressed was Chef Sandoval, that he insisted Chef Medina move to NYC and appointed him ‘Chef de Cuisine’ of Maya. Eventually Chef Medina became Corporate Chef for ALL of Richard Sandoval’s Mexican restaurants and opened and created the entire menu for Pampano. Chef Medina has also been Executive Chef at Sushi Samba, Zocalo, is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and appeared on ‘The Iron Chef”. Upon opening Yerba Buena, New York Magazine named it one the best restaurants of the year. Zagat rated 22, stating, “Chef Medina delivers delectable, inventive Pan-Latin fare in a hot spot that stirs up a 1950’s Cuba. Yerba Buena Perry transports guests to an exclusive club in Havana with a feel that is retro yet chic and sophisticated.” NY Mag says, “Julian Medina adds Yerba Buena Perry to the portfolio that already includes one of the best restaurants in the East Village, as well as Toloache.” Michelin guide says, “Yerba Buena Perry transports you to a South American paradise with Latin-inspired dishes, a longtime favorite, Executive Chef Julian Medina, mambos himself through the kitchens of not one but six different restaurants, but this oh so mighty restaurant takes the cake. Mixing Cuban Chilean, Peruvian and Mexican influences the upscale Medina delivers a signature flavor where even familiar dishes have unexpected flair.



     Madrid & Barcelona- Dec 26th –Jan 5th

Single- $6095; Double-$5570 (+2% for AMEX). Deduct $1000 if flying on your own.


We leave NYC via DELTA @ 7:30pm Dec 26th and land the morning of Dec 27th at 8:50am where our representative will be waiting for us to provide a private transfer to the 4+ star centrally located hotel Paseo del Prado. Welcome Lunch and reception.

Monday December 28 Private Tour of Madrid- Our expert guide will meet us at our hotel and together we will enjoy the architecture, history and anecdotes of Spain’s capital. Enjoy a walking tour that includes some of the capital’s most impressive sights, such as the Plaza de Oriente and the historic quarter including the 17th-century Plaza Mayor, a wonderful Baroque square lined with arcades filled with picturesque cafes. We walk through the peaceful Plaza de la Villa where the City Hall stands and the narrow streets of Madrid of the “Austrias” named after the Austro- Hapsburg dynasty came to rule over in 1516. Much of the Austrias neighbourhood today is a gastronomic centre, with traditional favourites aplenty, including the oldest restaurant in the world. The tour will also include an in-depth visit of either the Royal Palace or the Prado Museum. At night we enjoy a Flamenco and dinner show where we experience Flamenco dancing at the highly-rated Corral de la Moreria, founded in 1956 and considered to be the most well-known tablao flamenco in the world.  The Corral de la Moreria is featured in the book, “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” and has been frequented by international artists, celebrities and various heads of state.

Tuesday December 29An Excursion to Toledo with a Private Tour – This morning meet our private driver and guide. Our guide will begin the visit by taking us to marvel at the overwhelming panoramic view of the former capital of Spain.   Toledo is a thousand-year-old masterpiece created by various cultures including the Romans, Moors, Jews and Christians. Its heyday was in the 16th century when it became the capital of the mighty Spanish empire. The city of Toledo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, is located on a rocky headland, bordered by the river Tajo in the very heart of Spain, just 70 kilometers (42 miles) from the capital, Madrid. Although now completely overshadowed by Madrid, it is Toledo and it’s narrow, winding streets and steps, stone and brick houses and churches that embodies Spain’s past.  In the Middle Ages, Toledo was built on a “convergence” of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, and contains two of the few remaining medieval Spanish synagogues. The two synagogues, which stand in the city today, are powerful reminders of that period of religious tolerance before the Spanish Inquisition. Stop at the parish church of Santo Tomé, and marvel El Greco’s famed Burial of the Count of Orgaz, considered to be El Greco’s finest work and one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. The collection of paintings is also important, above all the excellent collection kept in the Sacristy that contains Christ Stripped of his Garments and the Apostolate by Greco, paintings by Caravaggio, Titian, Van Dyck, Goya, Morales, Rubens, Bassano and many more. An impressive collection of medieval garments and textiles can also be admired. Lunch included.

Wednesday December 30Half day tour of Madrid’s Art Galleries – Today with an art specialist visit the famous Reina Sofia and Museo de arte Thyssen-Bornemisza. Following our tour, we will have lunch at a local restaurant. In the evening we have a Private Wine Tasting Experience– With the guidance of a sommelier and expert on Spanish wine.

Thursday December 31 Private transfer to the train station. Board our high speed AVE train to Barcelona. Upon arrival, private transfer to our hotel. Check in at the 4+ Star Hotel Gallery- Private Tour of Barcelona- Our expert guide and our private driver will meet us at our hotel and together we will explore one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. Barcelona, with typical Catalan pride and creativity, remains determined to project itself as Spain’s most innovative city, and offers a staggering array of attractions. Our guided tour stresses the importance of Catalan history and culture. The tour takes in the Passeig de Gracia, the most stylish street of Barcelona, lined with boutique shops and art galleries. Also La Rambla, with its outdoor cafes, flower stands, exotic birds and equally colorful street performers. Just off La Rambla are the antique stalls at La Boqueria, Barcelona’s outdoor market considered to be one of the best markets in the world. We visit Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter which rests on the ancient Roman city of Barcino, today full of buildings from the 13th to the 15th century. The Quarter, where we spend most of the tour, is full of interesting shapes, peaceful plazas and winding alleyways, with its medieval Cathedral and the Picasso Museum. Tonight, celebrate New Years, Spanish Style! Tonight is Nochevieja, which means ‘the old night’ in Spanish. Families and friends often gather together to enjoy a late meal, the last one of the year, before hitting the big parties. According to Spanish tradition, we are supposed be wearing red underwear and eat twelve grapes at midnight, at every chime of the clock in the countdown to midnight. These two are said to bring good luck. Celebrate New Years (Nochevieja) like a local with a festive dinner and party!

Friday January 1 Day of lesure in Spain, lunch together at a local restaurant.

Saturday January 2- This Morning…A Private Tour of Gaudi & Modernisme Architecture we will spend half a day focusing on the period that was Barcelona’s most vibrant and exciting – the period of visionary architect Antonio Gaudi and his contemporaries, a period of a Catalan Renaissance in the arts and literature. We visit the iconic Casa Milà, a fantasy in stone which appears to have been carved out of the living rock, hence its nickname: La Pedrera, which means “the quarry.” The building is an apartment house on one of Barcelona’s main avenues. Casa Batlló is a home built for a wealthy businessman and an outstanding example of Gaudi’s private work. We will visit the unique and magical Cathedral of Sagrada Familia. The monumental (and still unfinished) El Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia is Gaudí’s most famous work and a worldwide symbol for Barcelon and we visit the Gaudí designed and playful Parc Güell. Many Gaudí aficionados consider this outdoor park his finest work.

Saturday Afternoon, A Private Cooking Class in Barcelona – this is a change date from last newsletter.

The cuisine of the various regions of Spain make some of the world’s finest dishes. Rich in tradition and history (Arab, Jewish, Roman, Aztec, and many other cultures have all contributed methods and ingredients) Spanish cuisine has an identity of its own. It is sensual yet simple, delicate but unpretentious, folklorist yet innovative.

Enjoy a hands-on introduction to Spanish cooking with your host, instructor and chef whose infectious passion for food and Mediterranean cuisine will set the scene for a fun way to learn about traditional and contemporary homemade specialties.

Start with a walking tour around the famous Boqueria market, getting plenty of tips on picking local, seasonal products, and exploring in depth some of the extraordinary and delicious fresh food that is sold here. You’ll get so much more out of the tour with a chef than you ever would hope to get on your own.

From the Boqueria, head to a superbly laid out kitchen, located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter and just a few minutes’ walk from the market – a great spot to cook authentic typical dishes of Spain.


Sunday January 3A Full-Day Private Excursion to Girona and Costa Brava- Dali

The province of Girona lies in the northeast of Spain, bordering France and the Catalan provinces of Barcelona and Lleida. The most striking characteristic about this historic area of north Catalunya is undoubtedly its great diversity – internationally acclaimed beaches, spectacular mountains at the eastern tip of the Pyrenees, a rugged rocky coastline reaching up to the French border, and the green rolling hills of rural Gerona. This bounty of rural and coastal treasures, together with the mild climate that it enjoys, makes Girona a popular destination for visitors throughout the year.

Your guide and driver will pick you up in Barcelona for your full-day tour of Girona. The drive will be approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The ancient walled city of Girona stands on a fortress-like hill, high above the confluence of the Onyar and Ter rivers. As the provincial capital it has a long and distinguished history. Founded by Iberians, the Romans later named it Gerunda and established it as an important stopping point on the Via Augusta, linking Iberia with Rome. The huge 15th century cathedral, boasting the widest unsupported gothic arch in the world, dominates the skyline, yet much of the city’s attraction lies in exploring the mediaeval streets, especially around the charming Jewish quarter.

Girona’s history dates back to the Roman era, and you will find the town full of magnificent monuments, museums and archives. Successive rulers have left a mix of architecture in Girona ranging from the Gothic cathedral to the beautiful 12th century Arab baths. Your guide will lead you through the winding medieval alleyways of Girona. Girona’s Call, the old Jewish Quarter, was home to a prosperous community until the end of the 15th century. You will have lunch on your own in Girona.

This afternoon head to Figueres, Salvador Dalí’s hometown. Here you will visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum, designed by the artist himself. It contains a broad range of works spanning his career. In the museum, you should expect the outrageous. Highlights include a stage set featuring large mannequins, a long black Cadillac with sprinklers inside, and a salon that uses furniture to recreate Mae West’s face (with a sofa fashioned like soft red lips). Dalí himself is buried in a crypt here, next to a series of gold cobra statues.

Monday January 4– Day of leisure –Dinner at Michelin Star Restaurant.   Tuesday January 5th Following day we check out and head back to NYC….


To reserve at any or all the events please go to our website and view our dashboard event calendar or call us at (646-825-0268), email us at or mail checks with events chosen to:

The Single Gourmet, c/o Aaron Lefkowitz, 69 west 9th Street Apartment #6A, New York, NY 10011

  1. Crave It- Cooking Class 3 course w/wine       Wed, Oct 14th         6:00-8pm         $70__________
  2. La Boite En Boise- French Classic                      Sun, Oct 18th 5:45pm at bar or 6:45 at the restaurant $77/$68
  3. Georgio of Gramercy- American Italian           Sun, Oct 25th         5:15pm             $79__________
  4. CAFÉ CENTRO- Halloween                               Sat, Oct 31           6:00pm          $83__________
  5. Machiavelli- UWS Northern Italian                   Sun, Nov, 8th        5:00pm             $77__________
  6. Brookyn Wine and Food Festival                      Sat,   Nov 14th        3:00 pm (meet at 2pm) $77 ______
  7. Tout Va Bien- Beaujolais Nouveau Day             Thu, Nov 19th         5:45pm             $71 _________
  8. Motebello Ristorante- Fine Italian                   Sat Nov 21st           6:45pm              $84 _________
  9. San Martin- THANKSGIVING                             Thu Nov 26th         5:00pm             $75 _________
  10. Yerba Buena Perry- Top Latin Fusion             Sun Nov 29th         5:30pm             $76/$68 _______
  11. Barcelona and Madrid- Due now                   $1500_________    Full Pay- Nov 13th ______


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