How Many Single Gourmet Members Are There?

Membership numbers are constantly changing. However, we have over 2,000 members in The Single Gourmet family, with the majority of them located in the NYC Metropolitan Area.

How Much Does The Single Gourmet Cost?

Membership is yearly at $99/year with a one-time application fee of $25.

Can I Attend an Event Before I join?

No. We frown upon non-members joining our events for in our 34-year history we have always maintained and been a ‘members only’ dinner group.  If you desire to try a dinner before joining, speak to Aaron or Juliane first about this as there are exceptions but be prepared to pay the guest rate as a one time trial or be prepared to be told that it is not possible for the event that you are interested in.

What Is The Male/Female Ratio?

The male/female ratio varies and there is no rhyme or reason to it. As this is typically nice dinner events, some dinners skew slightly in favor of more women (a goldmine for the male foodie). However, each dinner and each event brings out a different group depending on the type of meal (brunch=more women, bbq= more men, etc).

What Happens When I Attend My First Single Gourmet Event?

A Single Gourmet representative, most likely our owners, Aaron Lefkowitz or Juliane Lefkowitz, will be at the door to greet you and give you your table assignment. Typically there is a 60-minute cash bar where everyone mixes and mingles before the meal. At the pre-arranged time, we all sit down to dinner. Since everything  is prepaid, there is no uncomfortable feeling when the check arrives. As it never arrives. Your host, Aaron Lefkowitz is a social connector, and will definitely introduce new members to new and long time members.

What Is The “Average” Age of The Members?

Members of The Single Gourmet typically have ranged in years past of all ages from the mid forties and up to the late seventies. We try very hard to assign seating at the dinner table by age range unless an event is open seating, but even so, ages tend to sit together. We feel that The Last Minute Gourmet will have an age range skewing between early 30’s and early 50’s, whereas our planned dinner events, which might be less ‘casual’ will have ages slightly higher.

Can I Participate In The Single Gourmet Outside of New York City?

Your membership in The Single Gourmet will be honored at affiliate branches throughout the United States. If you plan to travel, there is a section on this website above that lists locations. Though we use the same name we are not financially connected to any branch nor legally responsible for any branch outside of New York State. We work very closely with our Long Island Branch and plenty of members from their group and our group attend both events. However, all monies and transactions are strictly handled between you and the other location.

Is There A Maximum Number Of Events I Can Attend?

Once you join, you may attend as many or as few events as you care to. We have over 60 dinner events a year and you are welcome to attend them all.

How Often Are The Dinners?

We average 5-6 planned dinners or events a month.

Can I Bring A Guest Or Friend?

Yes, provided, of course, that you are a member and space permits. You must register the number of guests when you book an event online and their first name with us. There is typically a $5-7 charge per guest that you must pay for and be responsible for if your guest fails to show.

How Do I RSVP For An Event?

You can reserve an event through your membership area by browsing through existing events and conveniently booking online, you may add multiple events to your shopping cart and book in one transaction or alternatively you can email us or call us and we will process your booking over the phone at 646-825-0268.

What If I Need To Cancel An Event that I RSVP’ed To?

Due to deposits and guarantees with restaurants, our RSVP list is very firm. We do not want someone to RSVP to events and cancel at anytime. However, you may cancel for a full refund up to 1 week before a dinner event. If the event is 4-7 days away, you will ONLY receive a credit to a future event. Travel events are non refundable deposits.

Cancellations less than 72 hours in advance will not be refunded as we often submit a deposit to restaurants as well as a minimum head count based on our RSVP list. If you ‘no-show’ there are no refunds.

Will You Give Me Someone’s Phone Number Or Email That I Met At An Event?

No. The Single Gourmet will never provide any private information regarding a member to anyone – member or not. However, if you meet someone whom you are interested in, we will contact that person for you and provide him/her with your email or number, and then it is up to that person if he/she wishes to respond.

How Will The Last Minute Gourmet Work?

The Last Minute Gourmet is an exciting sub group where we text or email members secret dinner locations the day of, or the day before a dinner event. These will be prix-fixe, pre-paid dinners often with only a set amount of seats available. Each dinner will often have a 45-min cash bar before dinner for networking/social. They are perfect for the last minute planners with no dinner plans during the week. You MUST have a cell phone or email on file with us. Events must be prepaid and there is no refund cancellation policy. You can opt out at anytime by just letting us know.


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