Membership in The Single Gourmet is $119 per year with a one-time sign-up fee of $39, and a trial period of 60 days, during which time you may attend as many dinners as you wish.

The day you sign up, you will be charged a non-refundable sign-up fee of $39.

60 days later, and every 12 months going forward, you will be charged an annual membership fee of $119.

The price of each dinner ranges from $89 and up for a 3-course meal with a glass of wine and a cup of coffee or tea, and all prices include tax & tip.

Within 60 days of signing up, if you decide that The Single Gourmet is not for you (but we think that you will), your membership will be canceled, with no further charges and no questions asked (well, we might send a survey asking why you decided cancel, but that’s it, we promise).

You can cancel by logging into this website and accessing your account page, or by calling us (please go to our contact page for our phone number). If you call, we will cancel, no questions asked (except maybe why you’re canceling so that we can improve our service).

Please do not cancel via email. We are not trying to make it difficult to cancel — there is simply too much of a chance of your email requesting cancellation not reaching us, and the cancellation not being processed.