Founded  in New York City in 1982 by Art Fischer, The Single Gourmet has established itself as one of the world’s premier social dining and travel clubs. The group has traveled the globe, dined weekly together for 36 years and introduced 1000’s of members to each other over a good meal, fine conversation and a glass of wine. Now thirty six years later, we are recognized and welcomed by restaurants all over the city where we started.

The premise is simple:

We offer men and women the opportunity to share great food and drink while engaging in interesting and intelligent conversation in pleasant surroundings. The object is to make new friends and put an end to solitary dining and perhaps to try new restaurants for yourself or find a companion.

If you are fed up with the dating scene in NYC and the online websites where faces don’t match pictures and one-on-one dates can drain your wallet and your time, then join us today to experience social group dining, where having a good conversation and a good meal with new and old friends is the only expectation.

In a typical year we will visit paragons of culinary excellence like David Burke, Shun Lee Palace, Four Seasons, Petrossian and Brasserie 8 1/2 while also embracing more exotic eateries like Alta, Maya, Zengo and Raymi.  We also dine at casual restaurants from  Bottino and Le Philisophe to Vice Versa and Marseille. We normally have 5 dinner events a month or 60 a year. Members are permitted to attend as many events or as few events as they choose.



Below are our current affiliate locations. Should you find yourself traveling to these locations, you are welcome to contact the group and join an event. Each group is privately owned and a completely separate entity from the NYC branch. Our reciprocity only extends to your being a member here allows you access to their events. There is no financial relationship between groups, and any monies exchanged or issues related, would be dealt with between you and the owner of that group. By calling them, you agree to this. If you are interested in starting a location in your city, please contact us.

Long Island NY- 516-280-8289
Hawaii- 808-372-3402

Ottawa- 631-236-2000
Rhode Island- 401-849-6856

San Fran- 408-355-3520
Norfolk- 757-623-0687

Chicago: 773-772-3535

Long Island, NY: 516-2808289

Ottawa: 631-236-2000

Rhode Island: 401-849-6856

San Francisco: 408-355-3520

Norfolk: 757-623-0687


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